Silicon Valley Finale Recap: Server Error

If you haven’t been watching Silicon Valley on HBO, I am sad for you.  The cast is unbelievably talented, and it continues to be one of my favorite scripted shows on television.  This past Sunday marked the Season 4 finale of Silicon Valley, and I was extremely interested to see what would become of T.J. Miller’s character, Erlich Bachman, as it has already been confirmed that he will not be returning for Season 5.  Let’s begin, shall we?


So at the end of last week, a bunch of phones started catching on fire (similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7s), and as more phones ignite, Gilfoyle (Martin Starr), Dinesh (Kumail Nanjiani), and Jared (Zach Woods) are convinced that it is because their app has been secretly loaded onto these Hooli phones.  Jared insists that they need to come clean because these are “real people with real crotches, and they’re burning.”  Richard (Thomas Middleditch) argues that it actually isn’t their fault, it’s Hooli’s fault due to writing faulty code so that it can handle Keenan Feldspar’s (Haley Joel Osment – when did HE grow up?  I now feel very old) VR product.  When Richard refuses to admit to wrongdoing and is okay with knowing that he may have caused this “dick fire” epidemic, Jared hands him a letter of resignation (it should be noted he writes 3 letters every time he starts a job – personal action plan, a letter to his 40-year-old self, and a resignation letter.  LOVE that Jared).  Richard tells him due to the employee handbook Jared had written, Jared has to give an official 2 weeks’ notice.   Jared agrees to but refuses to do anything else illegal or unethical.  Good for you, boo.

At Hooli, Jack Barker (Stephen Tobolowsky) is trying to save face, blames Gavin Belson (Matt Ross), Keenan Feldspar, and everyone but himself.  He decides to recall all Hooli phones and replace them in 3 days, which according to the Hooli board, is frickin’ cray.  Jack Barker says he’s going to go to China to negotiate and even though the board disapproves, Jack has already issued a press release that is going to cost this company a lot of coin.

Back @ Pied Piper, they need to figure out how to keep the data of the investment firm (their only client) online and Dinesh and Gilfoyle get into a pretty graphic argument about Gilfoyle’s relationship with Anton, the server farm.  As they are arguing, Jared brings in a potential replacement for him named Gladys.  Dinesh responds with, “I like your sweater.”  Nice save, Dinesh.

Jared interviews Gladys outside and starts sharing what a mess Pied Piper is, calling it essentially a “criminal operation.”  Then he asks her if she would be comfortable with casual racism.  Oh, Jared.  When Gladys notices the canopy that Erlich burned down in Ep. 8, she asks what happened and Jared simply responds with, “Uh, arson.”  Gladys, something tells me we won’t be seeing you again.

Speaking of Erlich, he is out with Gavin Belson in Tibet, and while Belson tries to meditate, Erlich keeps interrupting and streaming eps of House on his phone.  Belson finds out that the Hooli phones are blowing up, and suddenly, meditation isn’t seeming all that important anymore.

Dinesh & Richard go to check on Gilfoyle and this might be perhaps my fave Gilfoyle scene that happens this season (okay, maybe 2nd, because when he and Dinesh were wearing matching pajamas at Feldspar’s, that was also pretty great) – because his glasses broke, he is wearing contacts.  But not just any contacts.  Creepy contacts because one year he was a cat for All Hallows’ Eve.  Things aren’t looking good for Anton, he’s already heating up, and surprise, Gladys turned them down.

Richard tries utilizing all of his resources and calls Big Head (Josh Brener), who is a lecturer at Stanford. His lecturing isn’t going well because people have realized he’s just a guy sipping Big Gulps and doesn’t have an academic background.  Big Head gives Richard permission to get access to resources at Stanford to get Anton up and running, but no one can get online at the incubator because they had no money to pay the bill!  Richard needs to think of something, quick.

Belson now knows about the mess at Hooli and chooses ignorance over enlightenment.  He’s heading back to the states.

Richard lets Melcher know that the data is going to be offline for a bit and Melcher is standing next to his fiancée, Liz, who Richard slept with.  I am convinced she is going to be pregnant with Richard’s baby, but at the very least, it’s only a matter of time before Dan Melcher realizes that someone has slept with his 3rd (well, in this case almost-) wife.

Richard lies and says Big Head has approved them bringing Anton to Stanford, and Dinesh and Gilfoyle believe him.  Jared, of course, asks all the logistical questions that Richard does not want to answer, and Richard freaks out and waives Jared’s 2 weeks.  Poor Jared.  He’s going to call a Lyft to take him home. 😦

Jack Barker tries to make nice at the factory in China and tries to motivate them with the conjoined triangles of success.  As a result, Jack Barker is taken hostage.

As usual with Pied Piper (or maybe just Richard), everything starts falling apart as they try to get to Stanford on time.  The battery of the truck dies, they use some batteries from Anton to restart the car, but in the process, they leave the back of the moving truck open and Anton’s parts are strewn all over the streets.  Richard calls Big Head to meet them at the loading dock and Big Head is supposed to be giving a lecture, but he agrees to go.  At this time, Richard says, “I’ll explain later,” and Dinesh and Gilfoyle realize that Richard lied to them again.

Back at Hooli, Gavin Belson offers to resolve the hostage situation with Jack Barker, but he’s clearly going to rescue Jack and take back his company.  Erlich is on the floor, high off opium, and Belson hands the man a large amount of cash to keep Erlich there for 5 years.  This can’t really be how Erlich leaves the show, is it?

They finally meet Big Head and he does not like the idea…until he looks into the back of the truck and says, “It’s okay” because all of the pieces of Anton are spread ALL. OVER. THE. ROAD.  Richard lashes out at Gilfoyle and Dinesh, and in one of their rare moments of unity, they take the truck and leave Richard in the street.  Melcher calls & sends irate text messages, and Richard assumes it’s because the data is no longer online.

Richard goes to apologize to Jared, who is currently entertaining multiple women(!) and Jared decides to take him to Melcher’s office so that Richard can come clean about the data problem.  Jared also hands him a new job application and offers to be there until the bitter end.  Oh, be still, my Jared-loving heart.

Belson rescues Jack Barker, and the attendant announces they will be stopping at Jackson Hole first (which was a big debate in the first episode), and this will mark the end of Jack Barker (at least for now).

When Richard and Jared get to Melcher’s firm, Dinesh & Gilfoyle are there to support him when everything goes down.  All the feels.  When Richard checks in, a guy walking by mentions that their data storage network is awesome.  When Richard says it crashed that morning, the guy claims that he was using it 2 minutes ago.  They check it on the computer and Gilfoyle realizes that the smart fridges registered it as an update and now all the smart fridges are carrying the data (and the “Suck it, Jian Yang” addition Gilfoyle added).  Once again, Pied Piper is saved…and then Melcher comes swinging at Richard because he now knows Richard slept with Liz.  That poor guy.  I love that Jared tries to help Richard by hitting Melcher with a shoe(?).

The episode ends with Gavin and Richard meeting at the usual restaurant, and Gavin wants to acquire Pied Piper, because of course now Richard is swamped with funding offers.  Richard declines and Gavin tells him that he is going to devour Richard’s company. Richard states that his decentralized internet company is trying to make server companies like Hooli obsolete, so he will be doing the devouring. Burn.  Especially since Gavin gave him the patent.  Gavin says Erlich never showed in Tibet and leaves Richard with a bill and a mariachi band.

Final Thoughts:

  1. I was a little disappointed with this end for Erlich.  I am glad that it leaves the window open for him to potentially come back, but two episodes ago, I was picturing a darker ending for him.  This didn’t feel as organic as T.J. Miller said it would be in a previous interview.
  2. I would have loved to see some more Jian Yang & some Laurie or Monica in this episode.
  3. Jared continues to be my favorite character.  Zach Woods delivers every week.
  4. I am excited to see where next season is going!  Once again, Pied Piper is on top of the world, but will they stay there? (My guess: nope)





PLL Recap: Choose or Lose


So I’ve been watching PLL since the beginning of the series, and I can’t believe we are down to the final 3 episodes.  Couldn’t watch last night, so let’s get started!  SPOILERS INCLUDED!

The episode starts with Emily & Alison being all, “Good morning” and “How you doin’?” (Okay, it wasn’t completely Joey Tribbiani-like, but the intentions were there)  They enter the bedroom and the board game makes a guest appearance on their bed.  Surprise!  No fun here, ladies!  Of course, A.D. moved it there. There’s a knock at the door and they’re in for another surprise – the police is showing up at all of the liars’ front doors and are taking everything – including the phones.  When the police re-enter Ali’s bedroom, the board game has been whisked away to some magical place and is sure to pop up later.

Spencer loses her cool and wants to speak with Detective Furey right now (her words, not mine)!  Someone off-camera says that good ole’ Det. Furey is no longer on this case and it’s the return of the one police officer in Rosewood that may actually be competent – Tanner (let’s review- Wilden & Holbrook were both involved with Ali to an extent, and Garrett was also involved in that whole mess…and Wilden & Garrett are both dead now, so…)!  In fairness, Toby wasn’t a bad officer, though he miserably failed to hit his target that time they were in the carnival – how ridiculous was that scene?!  Actually, Toby was smart enough to get out when he was going to live his fairytale life with Yvonne – but raise your hand if there have been any fairytale endings in Rosewood?  Anyone?  Yeah, this town is where dreams come to die.

But I digress.  Tanner tells Spencer that Furey left Rosewood and told her everything – from Ping Pong to elevator fun.  Furey was too “distracted” in Rosewood, so he escaped while he still could (maybe he was smarter than I gave him credit for).  Tanner is also convinced that she can figure out the whole Dunhill mystery (but can she find out What Maya Knew?  I think we would all like to know), and believes the girls are guilty.  Hey, look!  She got one! 😉

Ezra wants to protect Aria after the police raid their home, and as he leaves, Aria hears a phone ring.  It’s from A.D.!  They didn’t want to leave her hanging while the police took her phone.  Aria says she wants to meet them, that she did everything that they asked her and that A.D. owes her a meeting.  A.D.’s all like, girl, please, but finally gives in.  They say they will text her the info and to “wear the uniform.”  A.D. has control issues.  For real.

The next shot is of Mona, who is seen taking off a headset as Aria gets off the phone.  This is clearly a decoy so that we think Mona is A.D., right?  Was anyone fooled by this?  You’re not convincing me this time!

Mrs. Marin is back in action at the Radley (whatever happened to Aria’s parents?  And Emily’s mom?)  Ashley is trying to get Hanna to spill, and Hanna is not giving her any details.  She wants to protect her mom for a change.

The liars sans Aria + Caleb are hanging out in a suite that Mrs. Marin reserved for them while their homes are being ransacked, and it comes out that Emily and Ali are together. Hanna’s response is, “Well, about time,” so maybe she was an Emison shipper all along.

Caleb is telling the girls something about locating the game through cell towers, Hanna makes a Fast & Furious reference (missed opportunity for a Vin Diesel impression), and then Hanna opens a tray to find the phone on a platter of lettuce & a lemon.  Really, A.D.?   You couldn’t throw in a steak?  **Sidenote:  Caleb looks terrified of the phone as he hides behind Hanna.  That Fast & Furious nickname should be revoked, stat.**

The phone says, “Just One Plea, the rest go free!” The girls have 36 hours to determine who will turn themselves or else they will all go to jail.  Current mood: send Aria.  She’s being super shady right now anyway.

And hey, Mona!  As if reading my mind, she says, “If you want an explanation, you should try asking Aria.”  Someone’s about to spill the tea.  No one wants to believe her, of course, because she’s Mona.  That’s unfortunate, because Mona has bailed them out so many times.

Mona pokes holes in a bunch of Aria’s alibis – not being at the press tour/the nursery bashing happening at the same time, the recording of Mary Drake showing up right after Aria dropped off food, and getting the puzzle piece.  You figure Spencer would more readily agree after she found Aria’s earring on the nursery floor, but everyone is in denial and again, no one wants to believe Mona.  If Mona dies before the series is over, I’m going to be so mad.

Finally, Mona reveals that she heard part of Aria’s phone call with A.D. (You can’t fool me, I. Marlene King!) and she has proof!  She recorded some of it. Again, Spencer wants concrete proof.  Really?  That is just straight up denial, boo.  But Mona’s gonna give it to them because she’s awesome.

We see Tanner again and she’s convinced she’s going to have some warrants in a week.  Some cop comes in and he must’ve not graduated from Rosewood Police Academy because he finds something of value – broken windshield fragments with blood on them in the shower drain (P.S. – those have been there for what, over a month now?  How gross is it that Spencer has been showering in there?  Or…not showering?)

Spencer runs into Toby (complete with a beard!) at The Radley Hotel (is there really NOWHERE ELSE TO GO IN THIS TOWN?!) and Toby says Tanner is building a strong case.  Spencer says she wants to get away from the noise and Toby invites her up to his cabin.  Um, okay.  Toby then asks if she had anything to do with Dunhill’s murder, and Spencer just says, “I have to go,” and now Toby clearly knows Spencer was involved.  When he was still Officer Toby, he did find Emily & Aria in Dunhill’s secret apartment.  He may not be the brightest crayon in the box, but Toby can put 2 and 2 together, Spence.

Aria runs off to meet A.D. in her costume at some abandoned playground, and after she gets a text, she hears a twig snap.  Following the noise, she starts walking through the woods and someone rips her hood off.  She turn around to find the Liars and uht-oh.  Secret no more.

As expected, the Liars lash out, and Aria tells them how A.D. blackmailed her and Ali gives the cutting blow – that it was a no-brainer for her to pick Ezra over them.  Spencer’s the last to finally believe Aria is doing this, and the claws come out.  Spencer blames Aria for her parents’ divorce, Aria reminds Spencer that she kidnapped Ezra’s son years ago (whatever happened to him, anyway?  At this point, he has to be 12 or something.  He’s like Ross & Rachel’s baby…never to be seen again).  You guys…maybe Malcolm is A.D.! (J.K.)  Spencer reminds her she didn’t hurt anyone and then Alison interrupts to let them all know Tanner wants them at the station.  Spencer turns to Aria and lets her know she needs to find her own ride.  That’s cold, B.  Sparia is currently done.

Tanner shares the evidence and once again reminds us that she’s no dummy.  She tells them about the windshield pieces, how they match Lucas’ car that recently had the windshield replaced (I thought Mona paid for that with cash?!  How is there record of this??), Radley hotel video, and that she can check their computer search histories.  Tanner gives them a chance to tell her their side and she offers to help them.  I have to wonder why they won’t tell her – she has actually provided them assistance in the past – but then what would we do for the final 2 episodes?

Aria calls A.D. and A.D. tells her she has disappointed them.  Aria says she’s done and tries to hang up the phone, but super A.D. has a way to keep her from hanging up the phone.  They are also close enough to let her know she shouldn’t throw her phone out the window.  A.D. tells her that tomorrow is another day and she’ll just have to wait & see what happens.

The rest of the girls are back at their usual hang, the Radley lobby (didn’t Tanner just tell them that there are cameras everywhere?  C’mon, Liars!  Learn from your mistakes!), when Hanna says she’s gonna turn herself in.  Then they all give reasons why it should be them instead.  Emily insists that A.D. wants to tear them apart, and they already lost Aria.  She also convinces Spencer that if A.D. hadn’t gotten to Aria, she would have gotten to someone else (like taking Ezra’s love child in Season 4, Spencer).  Spencer leaves because she needs to think.

Ashley might not have been able to get anything out of Hanna, but Caleb reveals all.  Hanna is upset (rightfully so) and Caleb tells her he loves her so all is forgiven.

Spencer tries to reconcile with Aria, and it’s going well until Tanner shows up and says that Aria can have back her things & she’s no longer a suspect because she was on a traffic cam, “full frontal” (really?!) in Keene, NH – 300 miles away.  Spencer angrily walks out and Ezra shows up and says, “What’s going on?”  Anyone else think Ezra made this go away?  He’s also somewhat tech savvy and didn’t he say he was going to try and take care of this?  Or A.D. is continuing to attempt tearing the group apart.  Maybe they’re one in the same…

Aria tells Ezra everything, he doesn’t blame her for the whole “To Catch a Predator” report and before she tells him it all, she presses pause Marshall & Lily HIMYM style and they begin to get it on.

Cut to Haleb, and they’re at the court house!  Caleb wants to get married because they might be running out of time before Hanna gets arrested, and that way they can’t testify against each other.  Ashley Marin shows up saying she knows the truth, has a lawyer on-call to save the day, but right now she’s just going to enjoy Hanna & Caleb getting married.  She’s come a long way from sleeping with Wilden to avoid Hanna getting charged with shoplifting.  Ashley’s pulled out all the stops and this wedding is happening now!

Alison takes Emily out to the woods and while Emily contemplates the future, Ali says they shouldn’t run. AHH!  Emily just called Rosewood a place where dreams go to die!  We are SO on the same page, girl.  Ali wants to make the most of the night as well (their last night of freedom), and more hooking up begins. This is a night for shippers, that’s for sure.

Spencer now shows up at Toby’s house, and she’s wearing something totally different than she just had on at Aria’s.  Her bangs are parted differently, too.  People are all about this Spencer twin thing, and I don’t know if I buy it yet, but there are subtle signs.  Spencer reminds him of that kiss they shared before Toby tried to escape Rosewood with Yvonne.  Then, she kisses him.  I’m sorry, this is so wrong.  Yvonne couldn’t be dead more than a couple weeks, right?

We get a montage of all of the couples, uh, consummating their relationships, while Hanna & Caleb get married.  There is this odd moment where Toby touches what looks like a cut on Spencer’s shoulder.  That can’t possibly be from when she was shot, right?  Maybe it’s another clue that it isn’t Spencer.

Another sidebar: don’t you think it’s a little unbelievable that everyone is back with their high school love?  I don’t have any stats to back this up, but this is HIGHLY unlikely.  Especially since one of them just had their spouse die, another’s missing-for-3-years fiancée just reappeared out of thin air, and Hanna was engaged / Alison was married not even 2 months before.  I know, I know, Alison was married to a sociopath and Hanna & Caleb belong together (that is the one OTP I support), but this is so much suspension of disbelief here.

Hey, the girls are meeting again!  Spencer is in different clothing…and she is the only one.  Hmm.  You guys are starting to sell me on this.

The timer runs out, the screen says “What’s your choice?” and Spencer cracks the phone with a large paper weight.  Hanna wonders why they didn’t do that earlier, but at this point, they’re going to jail, so who cares anymore?

Caleb has found the game!  He and Ezra go off to find it.  Aria calls A.D. and says she’s gonna end this by turning herself in.  A.D. tells her it is too late, they ran out of time.  A.D. says time is up, and Aria won the grand prize – an unlimited supply of freedom.  Yeah, right.  A.D. says that they have enjoyed the game, and then the phone catches fire(!).  Aria leaves the burning phone on the floor (not a good idea), grabs her other phone out of evidence, and leaves.

Caleb and Ezra realize the game is in Mona’s nabe.  They go to investigate.

Aria is on her way to Spencer’s and is calling her when she her car starts making noises.  She pulls over and pops the trunk.  In the trunk is no other than…Dun Dun Dun!  The dug up Archer Dunhill!  Nasty fingers and all!  Gross!  A cop car pulls up and Aria slams the trunk shut.

Caleb & Ezra find that the game is, in fact, in Mona’s apartment. She’s examining the game and watching a jail cell pop up on the board.  Then, she puts on some old-school Mona glasses and looks at the game in awe and amazement.

So, who do you think A.D. is?  How’s Aria going to get out of this dead-body-in-a-trunk conundrum?  Leave it in the comments below!