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PLL Recap: Choose or Lose


So I’ve been watching PLL since the beginning of the series, and I can’t believe we are down to the final 3 episodes.  Couldn’t watch last night, so let’s get started!  SPOILERS INCLUDED!

The episode starts with Emily & Alison being all, “Good morning” and “How you doin’?” (Okay, it wasn’t completely Joey Tribbiani-like, but the intentions were there)  They enter the bedroom and the board game makes a guest appearance on their bed.  Surprise!  No fun here, ladies!  Of course, A.D. moved it there. There’s a knock at the door and they’re in for another surprise – the police is showing up at all of the liars’ front doors and are taking everything – including the phones.  When the police re-enter Ali’s bedroom, the board game has been whisked away to some magical place and is sure to pop up later.

Spencer loses her cool and wants to speak with Detective Furey right now (her words, not mine)!  Someone off-camera says that good ole’ Det. Furey is no longer on this case and it’s the return of the one police officer in Rosewood that may actually be competent – Tanner (let’s review- Wilden & Holbrook were both involved with Ali to an extent, and Garrett was also involved in that whole mess…and Wilden & Garrett are both dead now, so…)!  In fairness, Toby wasn’t a bad officer, though he miserably failed to hit his target that time they were in the carnival – how ridiculous was that scene?!  Actually, Toby was smart enough to get out when he was going to live his fairytale life with Yvonne – but raise your hand if there have been any fairytale endings in Rosewood?  Anyone?  Yeah, this town is where dreams come to die.

But I digress.  Tanner tells Spencer that Furey left Rosewood and told her everything – from Ping Pong to elevator fun.  Furey was too “distracted” in Rosewood, so he escaped while he still could (maybe he was smarter than I gave him credit for).  Tanner is also convinced that she can figure out the whole Dunhill mystery (but can she find out What Maya Knew?  I think we would all like to know), and believes the girls are guilty.  Hey, look!  She got one! 😉

Ezra wants to protect Aria after the police raid their home, and as he leaves, Aria hears a phone ring.  It’s from A.D.!  They didn’t want to leave her hanging while the police took her phone.  Aria says she wants to meet them, that she did everything that they asked her and that A.D. owes her a meeting.  A.D.’s all like, girl, please, but finally gives in.  They say they will text her the info and to “wear the uniform.”  A.D. has control issues.  For real.

The next shot is of Mona, who is seen taking off a headset as Aria gets off the phone.  This is clearly a decoy so that we think Mona is A.D., right?  Was anyone fooled by this?  You’re not convincing me this time!

Mrs. Marin is back in action at the Radley (whatever happened to Aria’s parents?  And Emily’s mom?)  Ashley is trying to get Hanna to spill, and Hanna is not giving her any details.  She wants to protect her mom for a change.

The liars sans Aria + Caleb are hanging out in a suite that Mrs. Marin reserved for them while their homes are being ransacked, and it comes out that Emily and Ali are together. Hanna’s response is, “Well, about time,” so maybe she was an Emison shipper all along.

Caleb is telling the girls something about locating the game through cell towers, Hanna makes a Fast & Furious reference (missed opportunity for a Vin Diesel impression), and then Hanna opens a tray to find the phone on a platter of lettuce & a lemon.  Really, A.D.?   You couldn’t throw in a steak?  **Sidenote:  Caleb looks terrified of the phone as he hides behind Hanna.  That Fast & Furious nickname should be revoked, stat.**

The phone says, “Just One Plea, the rest go free!” The girls have 36 hours to determine who will turn themselves or else they will all go to jail.  Current mood: send Aria.  She’s being super shady right now anyway.

And hey, Mona!  As if reading my mind, she says, “If you want an explanation, you should try asking Aria.”  Someone’s about to spill the tea.  No one wants to believe her, of course, because she’s Mona.  That’s unfortunate, because Mona has bailed them out so many times.

Mona pokes holes in a bunch of Aria’s alibis – not being at the press tour/the nursery bashing happening at the same time, the recording of Mary Drake showing up right after Aria dropped off food, and getting the puzzle piece.  You figure Spencer would more readily agree after she found Aria’s earring on the nursery floor, but everyone is in denial and again, no one wants to believe Mona.  If Mona dies before the series is over, I’m going to be so mad.

Finally, Mona reveals that she heard part of Aria’s phone call with A.D. (You can’t fool me, I. Marlene King!) and she has proof!  She recorded some of it. Again, Spencer wants concrete proof.  Really?  That is just straight up denial, boo.  But Mona’s gonna give it to them because she’s awesome.

We see Tanner again and she’s convinced she’s going to have some warrants in a week.  Some cop comes in and he must’ve not graduated from Rosewood Police Academy because he finds something of value – broken windshield fragments with blood on them in the shower drain (P.S. – those have been there for what, over a month now?  How gross is it that Spencer has been showering in there?  Or…not showering?)

Spencer runs into Toby (complete with a beard!) at The Radley Hotel (is there really NOWHERE ELSE TO GO IN THIS TOWN?!) and Toby says Tanner is building a strong case.  Spencer says she wants to get away from the noise and Toby invites her up to his cabin.  Um, okay.  Toby then asks if she had anything to do with Dunhill’s murder, and Spencer just says, “I have to go,” and now Toby clearly knows Spencer was involved.  When he was still Officer Toby, he did find Emily & Aria in Dunhill’s secret apartment.  He may not be the brightest crayon in the box, but Toby can put 2 and 2 together, Spence.

Aria runs off to meet A.D. in her costume at some abandoned playground, and after she gets a text, she hears a twig snap.  Following the noise, she starts walking through the woods and someone rips her hood off.  She turn around to find the Liars and uht-oh.  Secret no more.

As expected, the Liars lash out, and Aria tells them how A.D. blackmailed her and Ali gives the cutting blow – that it was a no-brainer for her to pick Ezra over them.  Spencer’s the last to finally believe Aria is doing this, and the claws come out.  Spencer blames Aria for her parents’ divorce, Aria reminds Spencer that she kidnapped Ezra’s son years ago (whatever happened to him, anyway?  At this point, he has to be 12 or something.  He’s like Ross & Rachel’s baby…never to be seen again).  You guys…maybe Malcolm is A.D.! (J.K.)  Spencer reminds her she didn’t hurt anyone and then Alison interrupts to let them all know Tanner wants them at the station.  Spencer turns to Aria and lets her know she needs to find her own ride.  That’s cold, B.  Sparia is currently done.

Tanner shares the evidence and once again reminds us that she’s no dummy.  She tells them about the windshield pieces, how they match Lucas’ car that recently had the windshield replaced (I thought Mona paid for that with cash?!  How is there record of this??), Radley hotel video, and that she can check their computer search histories.  Tanner gives them a chance to tell her their side and she offers to help them.  I have to wonder why they won’t tell her – she has actually provided them assistance in the past – but then what would we do for the final 2 episodes?

Aria calls A.D. and A.D. tells her she has disappointed them.  Aria says she’s done and tries to hang up the phone, but super A.D. has a way to keep her from hanging up the phone.  They are also close enough to let her know she shouldn’t throw her phone out the window.  A.D. tells her that tomorrow is another day and she’ll just have to wait & see what happens.

The rest of the girls are back at their usual hang, the Radley lobby (didn’t Tanner just tell them that there are cameras everywhere?  C’mon, Liars!  Learn from your mistakes!), when Hanna says she’s gonna turn herself in.  Then they all give reasons why it should be them instead.  Emily insists that A.D. wants to tear them apart, and they already lost Aria.  She also convinces Spencer that if A.D. hadn’t gotten to Aria, she would have gotten to someone else (like taking Ezra’s love child in Season 4, Spencer).  Spencer leaves because she needs to think.

Ashley might not have been able to get anything out of Hanna, but Caleb reveals all.  Hanna is upset (rightfully so) and Caleb tells her he loves her so all is forgiven.

Spencer tries to reconcile with Aria, and it’s going well until Tanner shows up and says that Aria can have back her things & she’s no longer a suspect because she was on a traffic cam, “full frontal” (really?!) in Keene, NH – 300 miles away.  Spencer angrily walks out and Ezra shows up and says, “What’s going on?”  Anyone else think Ezra made this go away?  He’s also somewhat tech savvy and didn’t he say he was going to try and take care of this?  Or A.D. is continuing to attempt tearing the group apart.  Maybe they’re one in the same…

Aria tells Ezra everything, he doesn’t blame her for the whole “To Catch a Predator” report and before she tells him it all, she presses pause Marshall & Lily HIMYM style and they begin to get it on.

Cut to Haleb, and they’re at the court house!  Caleb wants to get married because they might be running out of time before Hanna gets arrested, and that way they can’t testify against each other.  Ashley Marin shows up saying she knows the truth, has a lawyer on-call to save the day, but right now she’s just going to enjoy Hanna & Caleb getting married.  She’s come a long way from sleeping with Wilden to avoid Hanna getting charged with shoplifting.  Ashley’s pulled out all the stops and this wedding is happening now!

Alison takes Emily out to the woods and while Emily contemplates the future, Ali says they shouldn’t run. AHH!  Emily just called Rosewood a place where dreams go to die!  We are SO on the same page, girl.  Ali wants to make the most of the night as well (their last night of freedom), and more hooking up begins. This is a night for shippers, that’s for sure.

Spencer now shows up at Toby’s house, and she’s wearing something totally different than she just had on at Aria’s.  Her bangs are parted differently, too.  People are all about this Spencer twin thing, and I don’t know if I buy it yet, but there are subtle signs.  Spencer reminds him of that kiss they shared before Toby tried to escape Rosewood with Yvonne.  Then, she kisses him.  I’m sorry, this is so wrong.  Yvonne couldn’t be dead more than a couple weeks, right?

We get a montage of all of the couples, uh, consummating their relationships, while Hanna & Caleb get married.  There is this odd moment where Toby touches what looks like a cut on Spencer’s shoulder.  That can’t possibly be from when she was shot, right?  Maybe it’s another clue that it isn’t Spencer.

Another sidebar: don’t you think it’s a little unbelievable that everyone is back with their high school love?  I don’t have any stats to back this up, but this is HIGHLY unlikely.  Especially since one of them just had their spouse die, another’s missing-for-3-years fiancée just reappeared out of thin air, and Hanna was engaged / Alison was married not even 2 months before.  I know, I know, Alison was married to a sociopath and Hanna & Caleb belong together (that is the one OTP I support), but this is so much suspension of disbelief here.

Hey, the girls are meeting again!  Spencer is in different clothing…and she is the only one.  Hmm.  You guys are starting to sell me on this.

The timer runs out, the screen says “What’s your choice?” and Spencer cracks the phone with a large paper weight.  Hanna wonders why they didn’t do that earlier, but at this point, they’re going to jail, so who cares anymore?

Caleb has found the game!  He and Ezra go off to find it.  Aria calls A.D. and says she’s gonna end this by turning herself in.  A.D. tells her it is too late, they ran out of time.  A.D. says time is up, and Aria won the grand prize – an unlimited supply of freedom.  Yeah, right.  A.D. says that they have enjoyed the game, and then the phone catches fire(!).  Aria leaves the burning phone on the floor (not a good idea), grabs her other phone out of evidence, and leaves.

Caleb and Ezra realize the game is in Mona’s nabe.  They go to investigate.

Aria is on her way to Spencer’s and is calling her when she her car starts making noises.  She pulls over and pops the trunk.  In the trunk is no other than…Dun Dun Dun!  The dug up Archer Dunhill!  Nasty fingers and all!  Gross!  A cop car pulls up and Aria slams the trunk shut.

Caleb & Ezra find that the game is, in fact, in Mona’s apartment. She’s examining the game and watching a jail cell pop up on the board.  Then, she puts on some old-school Mona glasses and looks at the game in awe and amazement.

So, who do you think A.D. is?  How’s Aria going to get out of this dead-body-in-a-trunk conundrum?  Leave it in the comments below!







Tuesday Tip: Attend a Taping of SNL!


So…you wanna go to SNL?

It’s not as hard as you think…but it does involve waiting. Lots of waiting. And a little bit of luck. I should say that, too.

What do I know?  I have been to SNL a successful 13-for-13 times.  I have attended 2 live shows and 11 dress rehearsals.  I attended 6 shows during Season 42, including the premiere, the holiday episode, and the finale.  If SNL is taping and I can go, I will go.

I’m going to do my best to answer all of your questions here.  If I miss something, ask me in the comments, and I will get back to you!  So, let’s get started.

All right…what’s the get-a-ticket process?

A standby line for SNL tickets forms on W. 48th between 5th and 6th.  Often, the line starts in the middle and heads towards 6th Avenue, but in the event of a super popular taping, they occasionally have the line go towards 5th.  I recommend walking down from 6th towards 5th.  If you don’t see anyone on line on the 6th Avenue side and think it’s your lucky day, you’re probably (sadly 😦 ) mistaken.  Keep walking past the plaza entrance, as the line is most likely going towards 5th.   Note: The line also sometimes goes towards 5th if the Nintendo Store has something going on, so always ask whoever you get in line behind.

At 7 AM the morning of the taping, at least two delightful NBC Pages will come out with tickets and a clipboard.  This will be a magical moment, because at this time, you have probably been standing outside for hours in some possibly unfortunate weather (more on that later).  They will start in order and ask you if you would prefer tickets to the Live Show or Dress Rehearsal.  If you’re first in line, I’d highly recommend Live, but if you are like everyone else, your number probably won’t be as favorable.

Once you have selected your show, the Pages will ask for your I.D. – DO NOT FORGET THIS!  They will write your name on the back of your card and on a list.  This is so you can’t sell/give your ticket to anyone else.  You will be required to check in later that night, and they will check your I.D. again.

Follow the instructions on the card, show up to the NBC Store at the designated time (get there early), and find the Pages so that you can check in.  As each ticket has a number, the Pages will help you get back in the order you were in.  You will probably see some of the people you were standing near while you waited.  And then, the possibility of you getting in begins (Yeah, it technically hadn’t started yet).

I should note that a Page may also start at the end of the line and may give you a number like 250.  They are starting at the back of the ticket pile, but not every ticket before 250 is going to be given out.  The Pages will regroup and they will close the gap and will connect the line.  The person in front of you may be #80.

Okay, I’ve got a ticket…what happens next?

Just because you have a ticket does not mean you are guaranteed a seat.  A number of seats are allotted to different people:

  • those who miraculously won the lottery (enter during the month of August – it’s the only time you can!)
  • guests of the host, musical guest & cast, NBC staff, etc.

There is no way of knowing how many seats are actually available when you get there. There’s also no guarantee that one show gives you a better chance than the other (though I would venture a guess and say Dress does). As they will tell you, you aren’t guaranteed a seat until your butt is in it.  One time, my husband and I were the last two to get sent up to get seats.  There were at least 10 people behind us that had gone through security and got to the next step of getting into the show that were left behind.  You can be cautiously optimistic, but don’t get carried away.

After everyone is checked in, NBC staff will tell you the process.  They’re going to take about 30 at a time (I’ve seen them take smaller numbers, so don’t panic if they say 15) through security.  When you get to security, please take everything out of your pockets before it’s your turn.  Seriously, just do it.  Everyone gets really annoyed with you when they are waiting for you, including security.  You can keep on your jewelry.

When you’ve gone through security, they will have you line up two-by-two in front of a staircase until everyone in your group has gone through.  This is the time they’ll ask you to turn off your phone.  You CANNOT take pictures anymore at this time.  There are absolutely no pictures allowed upstairs or in the studio.  If they catch you, two things can happen:

1)   They will stand over you while you delete your photo (definitely will happen)

2)   They will escort you out, thus ending your SNL dreams (I have only seen this if you argue with staff, but it has happened)

You will be guided upstairs to another area where you will wait on line.  You’re almost there!  You may be standing here for a while.  When staff is finally directed to send people up, they will give you a wristband and send you to an elevator.  Try and put that sucker on as you are in the elevator.  Usually there are 15 people in an elevator at a time.

Once you exit the elevator, a Page will direct you to towards the studio.  They will be looking for your wristband and at this time, they will take your SNL ticket.  Then, they will (hopefully) direct you to your seats.  You will either enter straight ahead, or to the right.

Finally, a Page will direct you to the seat you will occupy.  Take your seat and enjoy the show!  All the seats are obstructed in one way or another (you’ll understand what I mean once you’re in there), but there are monitors so you can always see what is happening.

So…how do I up my chances of getting in?  When should I get in line? 

Obviously, the earlier you get there, the better your chances, particularly for live.  I live pretty close to 48th and 6th, so I often check the line around 5 PM on Friday afternoon and do a count.  If you see 30 people, don’t get discouraged – remember that some of them are going to take Live and some of them are going to take Dress.  If they split down the middle and you get on line right after them, you’re #16.  That’s not so bad.

I usually do multiple checks before I decide the time I am going to line up.  I check somewhere between 9 and 11 and then make my final decision.  If there are 7 people, then I would probably go home and pack up, too, because I would have a good shot at Live.  If there are more than 50 people in line and I really want to go, I would also go home, pack up my things, and head back.  If the line is between 25 & 40, I will most likely go home, take a nap, and come back between 1 and 3 AM.

I’m sorry, did you say 1 – 3 AM?

I sure did.  If the weather is miserable, I am not going to spend an extra 2-4 hours outside when I don’t think that other people are going to be coming anytime soon.  I might also ask the last person when they got there.  If it’s 11 PM and they said they got there at 9, then I’m going to hold off because there seems to be a lack of urgency.  When I went to see Ryan Gosling host, there were 35 people at around 11 PM.  I came back around 1:30 AM, and there were about 45 people.  Not a huge difference, and I still got in.

I also noticed there is an influx of people that come around 2:30-3, so if it’s someone I really want to see, then I would probably come closer to 1.  There is no way to predict, so go with your gut instinct.

What should I bring?

It’s all about the weather.  Wear layers.  Hand warmers are great.  Put some warmers in your shoes.  Bring something to sit on.  I have a vinyl blanket, but some people bring lawn chairs or use cardboard.  That ground is cold.  You can stand, but it’s a long time to stand in one place.  If you’re going to try and sleep, bring some blankets.  Yes, you can sleep on the street.  There is security, and there are also a lot of people around, so you are safe.  I just always make sure to connect my valuables to my waist, fanny pack style.

You can’t bring a tent.  Security has to see how many people are on line at all times (and it helps prevent cutting).

It’s never a bad idea to bring snacks, an ipod, or a computer/ipad with movies to pass the time.

What if I have to go to the bathroom/need a poncho because it started pouring rain?

There is a 24 hour Duane Reade on the street and a 24 hour Deli (called Deli 48) you can walk to.  The deli has a bathroom for customers, so get yourself some hot chocolate while you’re in there.

Can I really leave the line?

You can, but only for brief periods of time (think no more than 10 minutes).  This is when it helps to go with someone else, because they can stay there while you take a quick break.  If you’re nice and chat up the people around you, they’ll verify you were there as well and you don’t have to worry about anyone thinking you were cutting.

My friend can get there at 11 PM, but I can’t get there til 3.  Can he/she hold my spot?

Nope.  There will be a lot of angry people coming after you if you try to cut the line.  Think about it.  If you waited in line for 3 hours and someone jumped 15 people in front of you, you’d be pretty angry, too.  You can hire someone to stand for you in line as long as there is an even swap, but if you have to come late, you have to go to the back of the line.  Make sure you tell your friend in advance, because if I’m them, I’m either coming later, or not sitting with you. 🙂

There are better seats than others…how do I get the best seats?

I have never been able to get seats on the floor.  If anyone knows that secret, I am all ears!  There is no way to predict where your seats will be.  Sometimes, when you’re one of the last people selected to go in, you get better seats because the staff is filling seats that were originally reserved for others.  When we were the last two in for this past season’s opener, we had second row center in the balcony. Other times I have been one of the first people in and have been seated in the center.  The problem is you don’t know how many actual ticketholders have shown up.  If you get a seat, just be grateful – most likely, there are at least 30-40 people waiting outside who will not get in to the show.

The moment has come…do I pick Live or Dress?

Personally, I say check the numbers.  I have only gone for Live tickets once when I was #9, and I was really nervous. The other time was lucky – I stopped by the NBC Store, they were letting more people in, I figured, why not, and I got in.  I have heard stories where people have been #100 and have gotten in and people who were #3 and did NOT get in.  After a night of standing in awful weather, I want my best option.  As a result, I almost always pick Dress.

Okay, but which do you prefer?

I’m not going to lie, there is a special energy in the audience when you go to Live.  It can be really special or really irritating, depending what kind of person you are.  Sometimes, there will be people in the audience that will laugh at everything (which drives me crazy).  I like when laughing is natural and doesn’t feel forced.

With that being said, I prefer Dress.  Hear me out:

Dress is longer.  You see more skits, and you get out in time so that you can see the live show at home.  You can see what they chose to cut or what jokes they changed.  I always find that interesting.

Weekend Update is also longer.  They usually have three guests pop in instead of 2.

If there are special guests, they usually come to dress rehearsal.  I still got to see Leonardo DiCaprio when he had a cameo on Jonah Hill’s episode.  Unfortunately, there have been times where a cast member has to stand in for a special guest (someone stood in for John Goodman because he was currently doing a play in NYC), but they often show up.

When is the best time of year to try for SNL?

As painful as it is, the cold months.  January, February, and March are probably the easier of the months (though I have had success for the December shows and in April; haven’t done too many Sept/Oct/May shows).  With extremely desirable hosts, people start lining up as early as Wednesday (think Jimmy Fallon/Justin Timberlake).  If you can take three days away from your life and going to SNL is on your bucket list, by all means, do it.  The earliest I have ever gotten there was 10 PM on Friday night.  That was for Chris Hemsworth/Zac Brown Band in freezing cold March, and I was able to get #9 (and I thought it was my best chance to get into Live – which I did).  I should add that I had heating pads wrapped around my body and my partner-in-crime almost gave up by midnight because the temperature felt like 6 degrees.  Those are the moments where picking Live feels painful because after being out in that weather, I had never wanted to get in so badly.

Final Advice:

1)   Do not bring a large bag or backpack with you.  You cannot take it in the studio and if you want to go to the show, they will make you get rid of it.

2)   Take a picture of your SNL ticket before you go to check in.  In the event you go through, you will have to turn it in, so if you want the memory, take the snap at home.

3)   Be nice to the people around you.  You may be sitting by them later, and you’ll never know when you may need their help.  I’ve also met some super cool people on line.

4)   This one is super sneaky, but something to pay attention to.  When you exit the elevator, they do not have you get back in order as of late.  If you were #16 and somehow you end up the last person out of the elevator, you just pushed yourself 15 seats back.  Sometimes it matters, sometimes it doesn’t (one guy got distracted, lost his place, and he got put on the side when he could’ve been front row balcony!).  Be aware of your placement in the elevator.  I try to take a spot right next to the door so I am in and out.

5)   Pay attention to @NBCSNL on Twitter.  This year they posted updates about giving out tickets (for example, they handed out tickets for the holiday show at midnight instead of 7 AM) and occasionally have contests.  You can also check in at the NBC Store the night of (around 5 PM for Dress/8 PM for Live) to see if they are forming an additional standby line.  You only have to wait a couple of hours, but it’s indoors (read: warm).

6)   Don’t forget your I.D.  I said it once, but it needs repeating.  It’s not pretty when it is ticket time and someone can’t find their I.D. in their wallet.

If you’re still here, thanks for reading!  Please feel free to write any other questions in the comments!  Also, if you use my tips, please share your success stories!




I am so excited that you have stumbled upon my page.  There are so many definitions for the term “fangirl,” but I prefer this one, as listed on Urban Dictionary:

fangirl, n.  (playful, good-natured):  a female fan who can laugh at their own passion for their particular interest (or even obsession).

By this definition, I am a fangirl.  I am passionate about many topics in pop culture – film, television, sports, Broadway, & celebrities, just to name a few – and I want to share my ridiculous depth of knowledge (and fandom!) with you.  In addition to discussing all of my favorite things, I want this blog to serve a few additional purposes:

  1. Collaboration: I am a fangirl about many things, but there are several topics I know little about / are not my area of expertise (for example, the Kardashians…or fashion).  I want this website to be a place where anyone can unleash their inner fangirl or fanboy, so I welcome guest bloggers!
  2. Tips, Tricks, & Advice in NYC:  I love living in NYC, and I take full advantage of what this city has to offer.  I want to share that information with you!  This might come in the form of how to get free tickets to movie screenings, how to battle the SNL line, or where to find discount tickets to a Broadway show.

Ultimately, I want this to be a source of enjoyment for others.  Nasty comments will not be tolerated.  So please, look around, read up, and if you have something to share, speak up!

Happy reading!



PS – This website will be under major construction as I get started, but I don’t want that to keep me from writing!  Please be patient as I continue to learn & grow as a blogger! Thx!